PickPocket™ works for anyone.

Here are some examples of how you can make PickPocket™ work for you.

PickPocket™ offers unique advantages to companies of all shapes, sizes and verticals.

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Example 1 - A Flooring Company

We have a flooring and countertop company who uses PickPocket™ to identify competitors and market to the people shopping there for the products and services that they provide.


Example 2 - A Pool & Spa Company

A pool and spa company uses PickPocket™ to target competitor locations by offering promotions to people shopping with competitors but also targets employees of competitor companies for recruiting purposes.


Example 3 - A Restaurant Franchise

A restaurant franchise uses PickPocket™ to target similar priced and themed restaurants to target customers that dine out with high frequency and also uses us to market to people who have visited their locations to entice them to come back to their locations with greater frequency.


Example 4 - B2B

A B2B company — that markets strictly to businesses — uses PickPocket™ to target trade shows and conferences; both before the trade show (to drive traffic to booth) and after (to create and drive ongoing communication with attendees).


Example 5 - Automotive

A large automotive aftermarket performance parts manufacturer uses PickPocket™ to target attendees of the country’s largest car shows both before and after the show to drive sales.


Example 6 - Landscaping Supply

A landscaping supply company uses PickPocket™ to target attendees of home shows all over the US in order to drive ecommerce to their website while never even having to step foot at the actual show.

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